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Building a Behavioral Science Division

This article is for leaders, coaches, consultants, and advisors seeking to build a behavioral sciences division in their organization or differentiate their market position with behavioral driven strategies and tactics.


Behavioral science divisions focus on understanding human behavior, including psychological, social, and cognitive aspects, including behavior and money. Organizations can better understand their clients, employees, and stakeholders by understanding how individuals think, make decisions, and behave. 

By exploring these articles, readers can gain valuable insights and arm themselves with the knowledge needed to make more informed, consistent, and successful decisions about the need to either invest in developing a behavioral science division or employ one to work with you.  

Common Questions:  

  • How can deploying DNA Behavior's all-in-one Behavior Tech Platform enhance a business's competitive advantage? 
  • What are the potential benefits of leveraging DNA Behavior to create customized experiences on a mass scale for millions of people? 
  • How would establishing a Behavioral Sciences Division benefit the organization's employees, advisors, and departments? 
  • What role would behavioral experts and technology play in improving performance and addressing behavioral blockages with clients and coworkers? 
  • How would a Behavioral Sciences Division promote and deploy new behavioral finance and behavioral workplace trends across the organization? 
  • Who would have access to the team of behavioral experts and technology within the Behavioral Sciences Division? 
  • How would establishing a Behavioral Sciences Division impact the organization's corporate, family, and individual clients? 

Solution Overview: 

A Behavioral Sciences Division becomes the central hub for employees, advisors, and departments to tap into a team of behavioral experts and cutting-edge technology. This enables them to enhance performance and overcome behavioral challenges with clients and coworkers. Leveraging advanced technology, this division actively promotes and implements novel behavioral finance and workplace trends throughout the organization, benefiting every corporate, family, and individual client. 

Coaching for Behavioral Change:  

Building a Behavioral Sciences Division – this guide shows research about the value of behavioral coaching (financial advice) to a client is worth 150bps per year and other studies that show, on average, between 100 and 200 bps. This demonstrates that this investment into a science division substantially justifies advisors' fees.  

DNA Behavioral Science Competition – this guide sets out the industry's competitive edge available in deploying DNA Behavior's all-in-one Behavior Tech Platform. It enables customized experiences for employees, advisors, and clients on a large scale, paving the way for a multi-faceted Behavioral Sciences Division. 

Investing in a Behavioral Sciences Division – a worthy investment: 

Head to https://landing.dnabehavior.com/chief-behavior-officer for more information. 

Building a Behavioral Sciences Division