Logging back in to Complete the Natural Behavior Discovery

This article is for participants that were not able to complete their discovery the first time and need to log back in to finish.

While the assessment is only 10-minutes, we know that sometimes we get distracted and need to log back in when we have extra time to complete the discovery. The below article will walk you through how to log back in and complete the discovery as well as some tips if you need to correct previous answers you submitted.

Logging back into the system:

Log back into the system and start the discovery where you left off by using the below links:

  • Investor: https://discovery.dnabehavior.com/investor
  • Talent: https://discovery.dnabehavior.com/talent

Would you like to go back and fix previous answers?

The discovery allows you to go back and complete the previous question that you answered in the assessment. Simply press the "Back" button in the questionnaire. We allow you to go back once and fix the previous question you submitted. 

If you're unsure if you answered the assessment correctly with questions more than one back, you can submit a ticket and we can delete all of the wanted to make sure that you have it correctly completed, we recommend that you 

Please note that we do not allow retaking the assessment. We only allow one assessment per email. So, we recommend that you take your time and ensure that you have completed the assessment to the best of your ability before submitting it.


Still Need Help?

Submit a ticket here.