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Addressing Personal Performance Challenges

This article applies to users of the DNA Behavior system who want to see how natural behavior fits into personal performance.

Common Questions: 

How do I help clients understand where natural behavior fits in performance planning? 

How can I set up a more robust performance plan for teams at my company? 

How can I understand and work with natural talents?  


Think of performance attributes like a pyramid.  There is a base level foundation of character and integrity for every person, this is where purpose-driven traits like trustworthiness, authenticity, emotional stability, passion, and values are grounded by heredity and environment. 

The next level is your natural behavior talents – relationship and results-focused traits that form behavioral patterns that drive your natural talents. 

Then are your competencies like leadership or trade skills earned by education, training, and experience?   

Many systems and leadership tools look at the top layer, competencies, to drive performance plans and assign work to team members.  Those skills are things we can easily demonstrate to others.  The DNA Behavior system uncovers the next layer for people, showing behavioral patterns of strengths and talents.  When leaders and teams are aware of these patterns, they can make better choices, have deeper conversations, plan and assign work more effectively and pinpoint where performance issues may be rooted. 

Common performance challenges include: 

  • Too much time spent on the wrong tasks 
  • Performing tasks about which you are not passionate. 
  • Poor focus on execution 
  • Inability to see how your struggles are getting in the way of performance. 
  • Lack of confidence 
  • Inability to engage others on the team and clients. 

Performance Attributes3

When you uncover the natural behavior of an individual, you can align skills and talents to work that is more appropriate and see a 40% productivity gain by overcoming the challenges listed above.


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